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About Me

I'm a hobbyist photographer from Santa Barbara, California. I've always been fascinated with capturing photographs of memories to keep forever, yet in 2017 I made the leap to become more serious about photography. I acquired a loaner DSLR to try out that year, and later in early 2018 I received my first own camera as a gift: the Nikon D3400. Since then, I've slowly become more serious in photography, gaining skill and confidence in my ability along the way.

In summer of 2019 I made an important change in life, and spent half a year in Lund, Sweden, as an exchange student. I managed to branch out from my usual setting of the western United States, and try out my technique in various European countries, allowing myself to adapt to  new locations, and see countries like Norway, France, Spain, and to spend time in the Arctic Circle. This was an important step for me, as I had grown accustomed to the local environment around me, without having much opportunity for growth or change.

I've attained knowledge and skill through a combination of testing out my own techniques, and trying others I've learned from friends, peers, and through online tutorials. I always aspire to widen my breadth in terms of subjects, and I always try to put myself in new situations, test out new ideas, and observe the results. For the most part, I still use basic entry-level gear, and try to push my equipment to the limits before the necessity of upgrading, as I am just a university student on a budget. Recently however I upgraded to the Nikon D7500, which I hope will allow me to push beyond the limits of my previous DSLR body, the Nikon D3400.

To sum up, I am very appreciative of the opportunities this hobby has provided me with over the past few years. This includes my development of a more intense drive within me to reach new places, as well as connecting me with other like-minded individuals who appreciate the natural beauty of the Earth and the outdoors, something which I have grown to love as well. Finally, I am quite thankful for all the support of my family and friends who inspire me to keep trying and improving--I wouldn't be doing this without you.

Smiling at the first time I had ever seen a glacier. Iceland, March 2019.

Smiling at the first time I had ever seen a glacier. Iceland, March 2019.

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